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Project Management (Design and Construction) Services

The project management division is responsible for providing a variety of project management services that are tailored according to the client’s needs. Upon the request of the client the project management division will prepare the scope of work for the project and will provide the services and then the required approvals.

In general, the work will be carried out in two phases through the design and construction departments as mentioned below and the related procurement contracts shall be treated as the construction contracts.

  • Design Phase
  • Construction Phase

For projects under development, the department monitors cash flows and issues periodic variance and status reports to concerned parties.

Property and Facility Management

This includes managing and monitoring the assets of the company including income generating properties and properties under maintenance.

The company undertakes the execution of the following services:

  • Fix & repair by external contractors, Boubyan National staff and annual maintenance contractor.
  • Other services (such as utilities reporting, handing and receiving of property, etc).

For operating assets and land plots, the department monitors and reports on the cost and income drivers, and regulatory matters.

General Contracting

The company has added the general contracting services to its scope of work and is currently handling some interior modifications with a vision to expand more in the field of general contracting.

Guarding Service

The company is currently providing security guards and guarding services of properties for a number of clients.